Connected Childbirth Education Objectives

  • Gather with other expecting parents and share your excitement and release your fears surrounding childbirth.

  • Receive evidence-based information on all topics surrounding childbirth.

  • Practice effective communication for prenatal care and labor and delivery.

  • Learn comfort measures that keep the birthing person relaxed and comfortable.

  • Understand the stages and phases of labor to understand what is “normal” in birth.

  • Learn and practice how to achieve a state of complete relaxation for labor.

  • Practice connecting the mind and body in pregnancy, labor and birth  through visualizations and breathing techniques.

  • Understand how to optimize space in the pelvis for  fetal positioning.  

  • Review medical procedures relevant to  labor/birth/postpartum.

  • Start a successful breastfeeding journey with practice, knowledge and resources.

  • Prepare resources and support for postpartum to allow for optimal bonding.

  • Gain confidence about your birth and learn to trust your body!  


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We are located above the Penguin Gallery, and to the left of Spruce Hurricane. 

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