Consultation Services

Movement & Mobility

RAD mobility is designed for anyone dealing with chronic pain, tension and recovery. This practice is focused on recreating movement in the tissues, joints and muscles. This allows for your body to move without resistance, creates better circulation and recreates balance for the muscles to function properly. Our body’s all move in different way, but our tissues, joints and muscles all have the same general function. During this session we will do a full body assessment and check your range of motion. We will then integrate the RAD Roller tools and practice different release techniques. Afterwards we will then reassess your range of motion and discuss any immediate changes. You will be given instructions to bring home with you, for you to practice on your own time. Once you leave, you will notice a huge difference right away. 

Whether you sit at a desk or you live an active life style, this service is for you.


Women's Health 

Whether you are trying to get your period on track, reduce PMS symptoms, trying to conceive, recovering from a pregnancy loss or are healing your postpartum body. This consultation will help give you insight on how to stay healthy and heal. I am here for all of your female needs. Sometimes we just need a little support.