• Renee Bernier

20 Items for your Hospital Bag

Many people wonder what to bring to the hospital for their labor and birth. It is recommended that the bag is packed around 36/37 weeks. I have recommended many things to put in the bag, but each mother and couple will be different on what they prefer. I am simply going to list the things I put in my bag.

1. Baby clothes to wear home. I choose two sizes because it is hard to determine how large or small baby will be.

2. Baby blanket

3. Comfortable bra, birthing skirt

4. Comfortable tee shirt, sweatshirt and cozy pants for after the birth

5. Robe

6. Slippers

7. Headband

8. Water bottle

9. Food (fruit snacks, apple sauce, Popsicle, Emergen-C) quick energy foods

10. Spray or mist of a favorite or calming scent

11. Essential oils

12. Lotion for massage

13. Phone charger and speakers for music

a. Playlist you like

14. Heating packs

15. Chap-stick

16. Pillow

17. Toiletries

18. Baby book

19. Games, cards, DVDs (induction)

20. Spiritual charms (cross, rosary, figurine crystals, meaningful keepsake)

Also, remember to install your car seat well ahead of time and get acquainted with it well before baby arrives. Leave your hospital bag in your car.



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