• Renee Bernier

Acceptance and Abundance

"Change is the only Constant" is a commonly known quote that holds true in most aspects of life. We are in a constant state of transition. Whether it is a big life transaction such as buying a house, having a child, moving to a new town or a little one such as changing your hair style, buying a new pair of shoes or beginning a new relationship, life is changing. Even down to a cellular level we are regenerating new cells and discarding the old ones everyday. Our skin replenishes itself every seven days and our skeleton structure is new every seven years! Constant change. Then why is it that these life transitions often leave us in a state of unease? What if we took the time to step back and observe that we are in a constant state of flow and allowed that acceptance to shape and mold our future how we would like it to be.

The external factors of our day to day life tend to unnecessarily bring us grief and discomfort when we can simply allow them to be. I like to keep in mind the Serenity prayer. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." So let us take a step from the drama of our lives and observe objectively. If we can change our situation, do so, if we cannot accept it, do not fight or struggle against it for that same forceful energy will manifest itself back to us in another way. Once acceptance occurs, there is usually more space in your life to put energy where it is beneficial to you rather than draining. If you have the ability to shift the circumstances you are in. Do so.

I personally believe that the only constants in life consist of the earths rhythms such as the oceans tides, the seasons and the sunrise and the sunset and even they are changing, go figure! The sun will greet you and leave you in darkness each day no matter what your day to day actions include, no matter what shifting, rearranging and most of the time is causing disturbance in your life. So, when you are feeling flustered or overwhelmed by the day, take a step outside take a deep breath and look around, the world is shifting and changing just as you are. Whether it is the change in the colors of the leaves or a cloud shape rearranging, life is in a constant current and we are a part of it. If you come to accept the constant ebb and flow of your life, you may experience that all you truly need can and will be provided to you. Find the beauty in the simplicity of life. The universe is on your side.

Mantra of the day: "I am loved and supported by the universe."

All good things will come.

#transition #acceptance #abundance #grace

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