• Renee Bernier

Pay Attention (Mindfulness)

It is easy to go through your day on "auto-pilot". Wake up, hit snooze, make coffee, drink coffee, get dressed, drive to work, sit at work, drive home, make dinner, sit back down to watch tv and 'relax'... this may or may not be a typical day for you but it is the case for most westerners. I'm not sure about you but that day doesn't sound like an overly stimulating or fulfilling existence. In a society where we "zone out" (tv, computer, video games) to relax or decompress it is easy to zone out in other realms of your life. Do you zone out when a friend is talking to you? Do you look at an email or text then forget about it for several days? Do you open a web page to do something and hour and a half later you have 87 tabs open? Today, I believe more than ever it is important to place full attention to the task at hand. It is easy to become distracted. As Kahlil Gibran said in the Poem of the week- “He gave her the cup of happiness and said, "Drink not from this cup unless you forget the past and the future, for happiness is naught but the moment." Most suffering comes from not being present... Overanalyzing a past conversation, worrying about an upcoming meeting etc. etc. It has been said many times before and I will say it again, all we have is now, this moment is your life and it is fleeting so go and capture it and be present to the tasks and activities you choose to pass your time. Click the video above and watch this talented Duo commentate on this very topic… mindfulness.

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