• Renee Bernier

Why Choose Forgiveness?

Have you ever walked into a room spotted a person from your past and your stomach immediately turned into tightly woven knots? Was it because there were lingering (unpleasant) feelings that you have not yet let go of?

Maybe it was a past lover or a friend that betrayed your trust. Whatever is may be, the feelings that are lingering are reacting in a very physical way and have an effect on your entire body. There are these newly found groups of compounds that act as neurotransmitters called neuropeptides and they link your emotions and thoughts to your hormonal glands and if you are releasing negative thoughts your hormones respond accordingly, (usually releasing the stress hormones of cortisol or adrenaline) leaving your body in a stressed, tense state of being. This negatively impacts your health. When your hormones are reacting to a non-existing threat they are not able to do their proper job (keeping the body in a balanced state also known as homeostatic).

So why forgive?

For your own health and well- being! When we choose to hold on to negative emotions we are only being destructive to ourselves. Most likely, the person in the other party is not receiving these physical ailments when you think illy of them, you are! Every time we work ourselves up over an event or person we are washing our physical and energetic body with negativity.

We have a choice.

When we choose to forgive, we are choosing to unwind those knots that reside in our stomach or chest, we are choosing to create freedom within our body and mind, we are choosing happiness. We are able to approach life with more grace and ease. When we do the ground work of letting go and forgiving we will be able to become more grounded and present in the moment and when we walk into a room we will not worry about past dramas.

Forgiveness Exercise:

Bring to mind the event, person, drama that is causing dis-ease. State “I forgive _________________, for __________________________."

Breathe in what forgiveness feels like to you let it wash over you, pause your breath at the end of the inhale and deep exhale letting it all go.

Repeat 3x - as many times as you need. Do this daily or as often as you feel is needed.

You are a free being and can choose to think thoughts of love and peace. Choose forgiveness.

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