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DICTIONARY DEFINITION of PATIENCE: Composure, stability, self-possession, endurance, fortitude, qualities of calmness,stability, and persistent courage in trying circumstances.

In the day and age of instant gratification it is easy to become impatient and irritable when things don't work out in our favor. When we don't get an immediate text message response or we have to wait a long time for our food at a restaurant, why is this so common to react in anger instead of remaining in our calm, relaxed state of mind? For many of us, it comes down to the fact that we were raised in this era of instant gratification. We expect to receive what we want in a timely manner yet this is often not how life works. In order to become a doctor, you must dedicate almost a decade of your life before practicing, to become a master of something, it is said that is takes approximately 10,000 hours of dedicated practice. These things require great patience and humility.

So why then, do we become upset when we are waiting in a long line of traffic or in a line for coffee? How come we don't simply accept that we are where we need to be. Are you in a rush because you left the house late or is it the fault of all the other people around you, waiting in the same line? Accepting and understanding that the timing in your life is often times not up to you, yet it is the first step in understanding patience. Although we do not have the capability to shorten the line of traffic or food, we do have the ability to recognize and acknowledge our feelings, we only have the ability to react to our situation and if that situation is waiting then so be it.

If we are waiting for the right job or right person or car or (insert anything you want) the best thing to due is wait patiently, take initiative when you can and accept that the only thing you do control is your response to the world and if you put out a clam, composed and stable attitude more times that not, whatever you are waiting for will present itself in a calm and stable manner.

Blessed Be

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