Join Our New Moms Group!

Meets every Wednesday 9:30-11

group facilitators change each week

(begins February 19th)


Group Topics


Breastfeeding vs. Bottle-Feeding.

Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers.

Whether to Circumcise.

Baby's Name.

Feeding schedule

Understanding baby’s cues

Lifestyle change and relationship changes

Birth Experience.

Working or Staying at Home or balancing both.

Fourth trimester

Body image, changing and embracing

Exercising after baby

Creating routine, lead/ follow, balance

Colic, Crying, or Fussiness.

Keeping a sense of humor

Sharing embarrassing stories

Discussing common challenges


Establishing a sleep routine

Introducing food- solids


Setting up play dates

Baby swimming before 9 months

Blocked milk ducts

Our uteruses

Birth stories

Potty training

Parenting failures

Me time activities- self care


Planning first trip away from baby

Favorite DIY with kids

Holidays and traditions with kids

Money saving tips

Growth and development- milestones

Outdoor activities with baby

Finding a care provider

Sick baby – what to do

Basic home safety

Growth and Development/ Milestones

Adjusting to Parenthood

Intimacy with Partner after baby

Bonding with baby


Infant massage

Comfort measures for baby

Bath time

And many more!

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