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Monthly Membership Benefits 


Becoming a monthly massage member is easy. All you have to do is commit to three months of massage at a rate cheaper than market price. You pay once a month on the 1st or 15th and then you unlock access to:

  1. Co-Member

    1. If you cannot make it for the month or want to give it to a partner, family member or friend you can. You only get one co-member.

  2. Free Upgrades and Add Ons

    1. Bamboo Bliss

    2. Hot Stone

    3. Cupping 

    4. Reiki

    5. CBD

  3. Gift Certificates 

    1. Pay your discounted monthly membership price 

  4. 10% Off all retail products

    1. CBD

    2. Herbal Teas

    3. Lotions & Salves

  5. 50% Off 

    1. Foot Scrub​

    2. Facial 

  6. Birthday Bonus! 

    1. Get an extra massage on your birthday month 50% off your member price! (after one year of membership)

  7. Roll Over

    1. Any unused massage will roll over to the next month if the client or therapist cannot keep the appointment. 

  8. Therapist Options

    1. Email to request any of the therapists at Sacred Circle Wellness.


Pay the above price once a month for three months to receive the benefits. If you want more than one massage per month, you are locked in at the monthly rate.

20% Monthly Members.jpg

Prenatal Massage Membership
One Massage $100/ mo 
Two Massages $180/mo
3 month minimum

50% Off Postpartum Massage!
This package includes support through your entire pregnancy with the expertise of a seasoned doula.

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